Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a beginning..

Well My new year as started out JUST great...I have been Miserable, barely worked, lost my job gained a new job, behind on bills and lets see...umm did I mention I have been MISERABLE???? Ohhh and lets not forget my expeditions broke down....anything else?? AND I eat like a horse! I REFUSE to give up...I have been thinking of leaving that job for a long time but I guess this situation just pushed me a long...I dont know why I feel so betrayed but I DO like I REALLY do...I can't say that I will miss the job because I started to just HATE the owner. I dont like when others look down on me like I am a nobody! I guess thats what happens when you work with afamily in their but WHATEVER, Like I said in my post...this smile will be back on my face and I will be FINE I thinks that he THOUGHT this would bring me down but it takes more then that to do that, After 10 YEARS of Hell and 10 years of consent will take MORE then On
On a BETTER note, my rescue Chewey is doing amazing..I know I write so little when I do write about things someone reading this would have NO idea but Long story short, he is a rescue and doing amazing! Just look at his lil face is he not the Cutest lil puppy in the world.... I think I am borderline animal hoarder, If it were left to me, I would have a farm with LOTS of animals :)
I have GOT to find a place where I can find some peace, I am struggling so much emotionally lord knows I dont want it to affect my health. My weight ect. I have noticed my eating patterns have changed and I just dont want that for me anymore...guess I will go

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, Bad beginnings

WHY WHY WHY do I always feel so Lonely? I mean is that seriously normal? Is there anyone out there who reallyyy UNDERSTANDS who I am and What I want? I guess thats were I plan to start, first New Years was just that, A new friggin year NOTHING special at all...When in the world did I become so boring taht all I do is sit and watch Geys anatomy and pittle around on the computer...WOW kind of sucks. I am thinking I should start my new diet this week, I have been putting it off but I think its time. Plan to start that Stat!

I picked up a rescue, wow he is a handful. He was ALMOST ready to be put to sleep. I hope that I done the right thing, I think sometimes I allow my heart to speak before I think about it. He seems to be in good shape but NOW I have 5 dogs and 2 cats and NONE which I am willing to part with, OHH Gawd thats just NUTS! Now Look at that lil face could you turn it down??? we call him papaw because he is older but such a blessing. I felt he deserved a chance...I may not be much But I am his new mommy.....
I am gonna try not to have a miserable lonly eveing but who knows..considering my husband has been in bed since 11:00am and its now 4pm and thats just kills me, How can one man be so lazy??? uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Ok have a great day

Sunday, December 26, 2010

a NEW year and a NEW Beginning!

Christmas was well...JUST Christmas....Buying for people you normally don't, spending time with family & STRESS...Food. Well I could go through all the neagtives and positive but I am POSITIVE you don't wanna hear my take on it. It is time for me to ONCE again start my diet and I plan to stick with it this time. I KNOW I say that everytime but this time...I am! Tax seasons almost here and I plan to bury myself in my work and STAY busy so I am going going going until HOPEFULLY my weight will GO AWAY!

I have tried very hard NOT to get depressed during the hoidays, I spent some time with my mom and that was REALLY fun, we mostly took pictures but..We had fun doing it. I can see that the things I do....She does too which is so weird to me..

I am hoping that I can keep my blog going this time, I will not make any promises BUT I will say that I will do my VERY Best!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Divorce is the death of a dream, a dream which reflects who we believed we were
and who we believed we would be in the future.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Weekend

My weekend went GREAT and believe it or not I am amazed and so proud of myself. I spent Saturday at the Book store, Grocery shopping & just running errands. Then today I went to the library and then to work out..I done my weights..then walked on the tread mill for a FULL hour. I felt GREAT so I check my weight and to my surprise I had lost almost 2 pounds. I have ate pretty good and I am so happy that I have just done my own thing this weekend without getting frustrated. I was reading Ruby Gettingers book and it just inspired me to do good. Thats such a GREAT book! Shes so amazing and has such determination I wish I could think like her lol She has sure came a long way...I know I have to but it surprises me that I am still doing as well as I am. I am just so excited to be where I want to be. I am so tired of being such a PLAIN jane. I want people to say I am beautiful and MEAN it! I want my husband to be jealous of me...I want to buy cloths in the womens instead of the PLUS size..I mean sooo much more...I know it can't be rushed but I wish I
I am not looking forward to this weekend..I mean I DREAD it. I have a event to do this weekend and I just hate it when it throws my weekend off ugggggg anyway guess I better go logg my food :)