Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a beginning..

Well My new year as started out JUST great...I have been Miserable, barely worked, lost my job gained a new job, behind on bills and lets see...umm did I mention I have been MISERABLE???? Ohhh and lets not forget my expeditions broke down....anything else?? AND I eat like a horse! I REFUSE to give up...I have been thinking of leaving that job for a long time but I guess this situation just pushed me a long...I dont know why I feel so betrayed but I DO like I REALLY do...I can't say that I will miss the job because I started to just HATE the owner. I dont like when others look down on me like I am a nobody! I guess thats what happens when you work with afamily in their but WHATEVER, Like I said in my post...this smile will be back on my face and I will be FINE I thinks that he THOUGHT this would bring me down but it takes more then that to do that, After 10 YEARS of Hell and 10 years of consent will take MORE then On
On a BETTER note, my rescue Chewey is doing amazing..I know I write so little when I do write about things someone reading this would have NO idea but Long story short, he is a rescue and doing amazing! Just look at his lil face is he not the Cutest lil puppy in the world.... I think I am borderline animal hoarder, If it were left to me, I would have a farm with LOTS of animals :)
I have GOT to find a place where I can find some peace, I am struggling so much emotionally lord knows I dont want it to affect my health. My weight ect. I have noticed my eating patterns have changed and I just dont want that for me anymore...guess I will go

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