Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weird day

well what an amazing movie I watched tonight, it was nice but I could see that it upset michael to get a glimpse of what heaven may be like, It was great! The Lovely bones...just great! Today, It was a weird day I am having a hard time getting use to not working two jobs, just seems like I have so much free time on my hands..guess that could be good BUT you know its wild... My dogs are getting fixed tomarrow and I have to be up earily yet here I sit, I still feel kind of sick and miserable...I am trying to well never mind will write more tomarrow

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My big fat ass!

amazing that I can read back through my post and say, did I write this? Is this how I felt at that point in my life? if soooo WOW is all I can say! so much has changed and I am assuming my feelings about certain situations have changed as well..first thing thats happened...My Mother in Law passes away and boy, that was a world wind of craziness!!!! My husband took it really hard and is still going through the depressing states of it all.
I am STILL working trying to maintain normal life although its tougher then I thought! I have been struggling with my emotions and how I feel about certain things. #1 My husband #2 My big fat ass!!! I mean I am HUGE, fatter then I was when I first started this journal, I have no idea where all the strengh came from then but I LOST it somewhere down the road! NOW, I feel TIRED and HUGE! I went to walk my dog and by the time I got around the park...I was almost dead! I have gotta getta grip before I lose complete control!
WORKS just work, tax season is finally over and I am just working the one job, after work in the afternoons I am like, what??? I am home WTF! ok so I better get back to work, maybe I will start writing again, I use to love it now, its like I dont wanna do anything...SAd!