Sunday, December 26, 2010

a NEW year and a NEW Beginning!

Christmas was well...JUST Christmas....Buying for people you normally don't, spending time with family & STRESS...Food. Well I could go through all the neagtives and positive but I am POSITIVE you don't wanna hear my take on it. It is time for me to ONCE again start my diet and I plan to stick with it this time. I KNOW I say that everytime but this time...I am! Tax seasons almost here and I plan to bury myself in my work and STAY busy so I am going going going until HOPEFULLY my weight will GO AWAY!

I have tried very hard NOT to get depressed during the hoidays, I spent some time with my mom and that was REALLY fun, we mostly took pictures but..We had fun doing it. I can see that the things I do....She does too which is so weird to me..

I am hoping that I can keep my blog going this time, I will not make any promises BUT I will say that I will do my VERY Best!